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Liu Tailai 劉泰來, Male, born in Chungking, China, 2001.

I've been unanimously considered as a 'extremely gifted', 'most handsome/attractive' person by those around me, and I have objective evidence that I am mentally superior to 99% of the randomly selected human population.

I respect my family, Liu Bang, Bruce Lee, Michael Jackson, and anyone with a super-large brain: one in a million, which means your brain should be weigh at least 2.5 kg.
My favorite video game is Age of Empire Ⅲ. I mainly play 'Japanese' and 'Swedes', these two peoples are similar and powerful in the game.

My Brain Size

Brain size, the nightmare of megalomaniacs!

Cranial Capacity

EndoCranial Volume: 1,751 cm3 (18.7 yrs)

Method: Computed Tomography (Philips Brilliance 128 Slice CT; 0.5859375 × 0.5859375 × 0.5 mm3), 3D Slicer 4.11.

CT is definitely a better method than MRI in volumetric analysis, because MR images do not have a consistent intensity scale as that of CT images. The bony anatomy was thresholded at a minimum value of 200 HU.
The weight of the massive brain tissue was estimated at about 1.8 kg, which matches the French naturalist Georges Cuvier (1,830 g) and the American actor Robin Williams (1,750 g).

Cerebral Capacity

NeoCortical Volume: 643 cm3 (19.6 yrs)

Method: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Philips Achieva 1.5T MR; 0.5 × 0.89 × 0.89 mm3), FreeSurfer 7.1.1

FreeSurfer performs fully automated processing without any human intervention. Brain MRI volumetry is very diverse, there is no one-size-fits-all method.

Who's the brainiest one in the whole world?

The largest human brain ever documented was found in a person who suffered from epilepsy and idiocy, which weighed 2,850 grams. The variability of brain size of men is greater than that of women: The largest recorded woman brain was belonged to a dwarfed native American, which weighed 2,084 grams. Additionally, the greatest brain among healthy human individuals discovered so far was owned by a black African, who had a brain weight of 2,480 grams and was completely healthy. In China, a cranium labeled F31 was buried in Nanking, the internal capacity was measured to be 2,330 cm3 and no pathological findings, its owner was an unknown citizen. In the same way, an ignorant laborer named Rustan and a London newsboy were found to have brain weights of 2,222 and 2,268 grams, respectively. At this moment, there are more than 7.5 billion human beings living on this planet, the maximum brain size is very likely to exceeding 3 kg, who is he/she? There are already plenty of indications that the most talented people over the globe are quite undistinguished.
According to some vague references, the brightest famous people may be two Englishmen: Lord Byron and Oliver Cromwell. The weights of the brains of Lord Byron and Cromwell were respectively given as 6 pounds (2,238 g) and 6.25 pounds (2,330 g). The American anatomist E. A. Spitzka, however, doubted that these two ambiguous and remarkable figures seem 'mythical' and exaggerated. Spitzka tabulated the weights of the brains of over a hundred famous people that he believes have been carefully studied: The top-ranked one is Ivan Turgenev, who had a brain weight of 2,012 grams.
Some small-headed imbeciles would point out that some 'great men' such as Albert Einstein did not have a big brain to against the fact that the size of the brain determines the mental capacity, this is ridiculous and totally self-deception. A wise person should realize that success and fame depends a large deal on motivation and opportunity, not on the mind.

My WebGame(s)

Immediate Memory:
A memory game test your 'working memory' (a concept entirely fictional), this game should not be played on small-screen devices. It was inspired by a computer game mastered by a young chimpanzee (Matsuzawa & Inoue, 2007), but my version is much more difficult.
Why did a stupid monkey beat three college students in a cognitive task? Simply, because chimp received extensive training, while humans received none. In view of this, people who believe in IQ tests or brain training are retarded.